One Woman Crusade

Spike does not work for, or represent any particular agency or organization.  She speaks for herself.  She does this out of gratitude  and a sense of civic duty, for she feels some responsibility in helping Americans understand the truth about this historical piece of legislation.

As part of her pledge to pay it forward, Spike is writing a daily blog summarizing the breaking news from the prior day’s Trump and Republican messes.  You Lie! A Daily Crime Report.

Here is where Spike has shared her story so far:

  • ABC Channel 7 – What now, now that Trump has been elected?
  • Steps of the Supreme Court in March 2012 by invitation of Health Care for America Now (HCAN)
  • Three times on the Politics Nation Show on MSNBC
  • BBC
  • Dutch Public TV
  • Swiss TV
  • Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
  • Over 15 national radio shows such as the Thom Hartmann Show, Doctors Sirius FM, Media Matters, the Mike Malloy Show, and the Stephanie Miller Show
  • Print interviews with Forbes, Politico and the Wall Street Journal
  • Unitarian Universalist congregations
  • Community Colleges
  • Catholic Health Charities
  • New America Media, San Diego
  • Re-Elect Obama campaign
  • Health Happens TV commercial for California
  • Press Conference commemorating third anniversary of Affordable Care Act for Health Access California, Los Angeles, March 2013, and implementation of state exchanges, October 2013
  • Survivor Speaker for Relay for Life of Reseda, June 2013

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