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Don’t be Stupid

The daily media coverage, social media chatter and talk on the street about Obamacare being a disaster is making my head spin. Most of what I’m hearing is all wrong, but I keep hearing it, every day, all day, like […]


In the summer of 2011 I discovered a lump in my right breast during a routine self examination. I didn’t go to the doctor right away because I was temporarily uninsured. I chose denial over possible bad news because I […]

Relay for Life Speech

From my speech at the opening ceremony for Relay for Life of Reseda in June 2013: A year and a half ago I was paralyzed with fear, afraid to leave my house after being given the news that I had […]

My Daughter’s Legacy!

What started off as a community volunteer project to earn a bronze award for Girl Scouts turned out to be a perfect ending to the whole cancer ordeal for my family as my ten year old daughter emerged as a […]

Legacy for my Daughter

When I was at my lowest point mentally and emotionally, fearing an early death, I worried the most about leaving my daughter just as she was about to enter puberty.  The very idea of her having to go through adolescence […]

The Arts Save Lives

I’m most known in the Los Angeles area for being the outspoken art mom from the San Fernando Valley.   Whenever I get a chance to talk about the arts in schools, I usually talk about how the right brained kids […]

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