American Portrait

Out FoxedI came up with the political satire series, “American Portrait” as a reaction to my finding myself at the middle of the health care reform debate at the end of 2011, after an op-ed I wrote in the Los Angeles Times, “Obamcare to the Rescue” caused a national stir. 

Being singled out by total strangers who hate you and wish you dead is a very bizarre thing to go through (especially when you are sick with cancer and in fear for your life).  I became acutely aware of how paranoid and out of touch a significant portion of this country is, and how easy it is to get them riled up, if you scare them into thinking they are about to lose their ‘liberty’ or ‘freedom’.  I was inspired to create a new series where I could combine my painting and cartooning to illustrate how I see America at this point in time. Where we’re at at this point in time is cartoonish.  We look like a bunch of spoiled brats and fools to the rest of the world.

My story received international attention.  I was interviewed by the BBC, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Swiss TV, and Dutch Public TV. They all hoped I could answer their questions about why Americans are so arrogant, uninformed, and cruel.  I have my theory as to why Americans are so self righteous and under educated, but I’m still struggling to understand how we can be so mean to each other.

The series addresses immigration, the GOP, health insurance companies, sexism, racism, public education, gun control and religion – all hot topics that most people will try and stay away from, but not me.  Not anymore.  Ever since I got cancer and the recession knocked me on my butt, I feel like I have nothing to lose by putting it all out there.  After being kicked when I was down, I have bounced back up and am stronger, more liberal and more outspoken than ever before.  I posted some of the paintings and drawings from the American Portrait series on Facebook last year and got unfriended by some of my ‘friends’ from high school.  The bully jocks from high school grew up to become bully Republicans.  They don’t “like” me, and I don’t “like” them.  Just “like” in high school! 

Emerson UU is located at 7304 Jordan in Canoga Park.  The show, “Justice For All” will be on May 16 from 6-10 p.m.  For more information:                  


Democratic delegates

“Democratic Delegates”. As I watched the Democratic National Convention on TV, I was struck by how diverse the delegates were. The convention floor represented the real America – a little bit of this, and a little bit of that.

GOP Delegates

“GOP Delegates” – They call themselves the Real America


















Welcome to Springfield

After Sandy Hook, I was inspired to create some pieces of how absurd the whole gun thing has become. I chose “Springfield” because it’s the most common American name for a town I could think of. Gun nuts are freaking out about their liberty, freedom, Obama, liberals, and “the culture war”. Gun manufacturers are marketing to kids and we’re all supposed to have sympathy for the family whose two year old was shot by their five year old (with his very own gun) because “they have already suffered enough”. They should go to jail. If their two year old got a hold of a bottle of booze the parents left within her reach, or wandered out into the street where she was hit by a car because they left the kids in the house alone, they’d be charged with child endangerment. But if one child shoots another child with a gun that was bought especially for him, we’re treading on second amendment rights when we try and point out how ridiculous and dangerous guns are for children.



AP Religious Right painting

“The Religious Right” – Evangelicals confuse the Constitution with the Bible.









In the Bag

“In the Bag” – The Tea Party thinks of itself as a grassroots group, true patriots that know what the Founding Fathers were supposedly thinking, and America’s only hope to restore “liberty” and “freedom”. What they don’t know is that they’re just a front group for the GOP, a creation of Fox News.



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