Don’t be Stupid

0rush saysThe daily media coverage, social media chatter and talk on the street about Obamacare being a disaster is making my head spin.

Most of what I’m hearing is all wrong, but I keep hearing it, every day, all day, like a malfunctioning trash compactor that won’t turn off.   I can’t take it anymore!  Shut it off!

Everybody has a part in this mess, and everybody needs to stop it right now.  Get a hold of yourselves.  We look like a nation of complete idiots.

First of all, the media needs to do its job.  Every day it’s the same old story – an obsession with a fraction of the population who have been exploited as victims of Obamacare, and that stupid website, as if that website WAS the Affordable Care Act.  The media hasn’t been vetting these stories, and the so called victims usually find out that they’re not victims at all once they actually sign up.  Unfortunately, by then it’s too late for the rest of us as the damage has already been done by the sloppy reporting which leaves people jittery, angry and confused.  There is so much more going on with the Affordable Care Act, all historical and successful, important news that the public needs to know, but the media has fallen down on the job, once again, leaving Americans in the dark.

Second of all, the Republicans need to knock if off, once and for all.  Their relentless quest to take down the president is hurting America.  A much bigger story, which isn’t being covered, is the millions of people who are being harmed (and some will die) due the refusal of their Republican governors and state legislators to expand Medicaid.  They have proven time and again that they care more about their own party, their careers, and the corporations that own them then they do about America.   Knock it off.  You’re dangerous.

Next up:  Democrats.  They’re starting to do it again – they’re jumping ship and turning on one other.  Those who have turned their backs on the president in order to win the next election aren’t any better than their Republican counterparts.  Stand up for what is right for us and not what’s right for you.

American people:  Quit being so self involved and lazy.  Learn the facts!  Don’t listen to Rush Limbaugh.   Turn that crap off and THINK.  Do not repeat anything, in conversation, in an email, as a comment on the internet, or on Facebook, unless you know for sure that what you are about to say is true.  That’s the new rule.  If you can’t back up what you say with a credible source, you can’t say it.  Freedom of speech doesn’t mean we should be blabbing and rambling and repeating the BS we hear from sleazy politicians or the media.  That’s just stupid.


My Health Hazards blog post about our inept media.

I’ve created a set of memes to illustrate how ridiculous the Obamacare messaging has become in Stooge.       

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