It Could Happen to Anybody

getting better 1Everybody knows somebody who has been burned by the health insurance industry.  You may know someone who was denied coverage for a pre-existing condition, or was left out of the system because they were self employed and couldn’t afford the high premiums, or maybe you know someone who made a mistake on their initial applications and were later denied coverage or cancelled altogether.  You may know of someone who missed a payment and was cut off immediately by the insurance company, or they were surprised to find that they reached their lifetime cap and thus lost their insurance, or maybe you know of someone who had insurance but went bankrupt because they couldn’t afford the out of pocket costs for their medical treatment.  You may have been a victim of any of these scenarios yourself.  If you haven’t been a victim of our for profit health insurance industry, consider yourself lucky.

Spike Dolomite Ward, a middle aged, middle class artist and mother of two from Los Angeles, became another health insurance disaster statistic in November of 2011.  Hear how she went from being the unluckiest person in the world to the luckiest person in the world, all on the same day.


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